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Greenery report

    Greenery report includes information about vegetation in the city of Gliwice. Greenery geoportal includes GIS vector database about urban greenery developed on the basis of source materials acurrent for March 2017, which involve:

    • aerial imagery,
    • ortophotomap,
    • oblique pictures,
    • digital terrain model,
    • digital terrain cover model,
    • cloud of points.

    Spatial database, sharing information about vegetation in both public and private areas, specifies such layers:

    • conifers,
    • deciduous trees,
    • shrubs,
    • meadows,
    • forests,
    • wastelands,
    • allotment gardens,
    • areas with shrubs,
    • sports facilities,
    • lawns,
    • crops,
    • roadside greenery,
    • greenery on private areas,
    • hedges,
    • cemeteries,
    • area-based flowerbeds.