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Planning Portal

Open data

    OPEN DATA is a complete and current collection of information about local spatial development plans binding for the city of Gliwice. They are available:

    • in an effective way (e.g. with a use of dedicated portals and services) – and also used for variety of purposes, including economic purpose;
    • in a steady way, without any unnecessary obstacles;
    • without limitations, e.g. because of permissions, privilege of a certain group of people etc.;
    • in a possibly least processed way (not in an aggregated or modified form);
    • in open data formats;
    • in such a form so they can be read automatically.

    Openness of the public data is the base for the modern city management, especially for:

    • transparent decision-making,
    • social participation,
    • creation of new values and innovations by entrepreneurs and non-governmental organization (including new services).