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Planning Geoportal

A portal delivering information about Local Spatial Development Plans  – LSDP (included in the resolution and a graphic attachment thereto) relevant for areas falling within discharge and map extract, and about Study of Spatial Development Conditions and Directions  – SSDCD for areas falling within map extract.

Published planning data (in a form of a vector):

  • binding LSDP,
  • borders of newly created  LSDP,
  • borders of the areas for which  LSDP making has started,
  • current record data.

The portal allows to report applications and comments to planning documents falling within social participation through generating map attachment in a form of PDF file and attaching it to the writing submitted to the Municipal Office in Gliwice in a traditional form, or as an attachment to the application submitted via SEKAP platform (certified electronic signature).

A type of available to generate application or comments to  LSDP and SUiKZP depends on the phase of planning works for a given document. For each application a spatial localization is indicated according to current referential geodetic databases via a plot selection or area border drawing for which an application or comment is to be submitted.

Additionally, the portal shares informational materials on planning procedures binding in the Municipal Office in Gliwice, binding city laws, Planning Portal usage instructions, and LSDP records.

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