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Services and downloadable data

Spatial data services

Web Map Service (WMS)

Web Map Service (WMS) data is a service which consists in sharing map pictures for external applications/websites. If you have such application at your disposal, you do not need to directly use the geoportal. You can enter WMS service address in it. Your application will automatically connect to ISDP server, which will share a current map each time.

The WFS service can be used to retrieve datasets such as:

Web Feature Service (WFS)

Web Feature Service (WFS) data is a standard for exchanging spatial data over the Internet defined by the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) and provides a simple HTTP interface to display or download spatial data in vector form that has a defined geographic coordinate system. WFS is based on client-server architecture and relies on the spatial data server's response to the client's request for data stored on the server. The result of such an operation is the downloading and displaying of data by Customer's “browser”. Data are downloaded in the GML format and can be used in desktop GIS software (Geographical Information System), as well as in software tools.

The WFS service can be used to retrieve datasets such as:

Downloadable data

Data in CSV format

Data in SHP format